Whole30 – 1 day at a time

Yesterday was my first day of our Whole30 diet. It ended up being a looong day, which I think can be partially attributed to the start of Daylight Saving Time and the late-setting sun, but it’s also because I spent nearly the whole day in our kitchen.

After church, I set to work making breakfast for us to eat for the first half of the week (Egg, Bacon, and Sweet Potato cups), then moved to lunch (Bacon-Wrapped Chicken and carrots sautéed in ghee), followed by snack prep: washing and cutting fruits and veggies and making Whole30 compliant mayonnaise and ranch dressing for the first time. Finally, when I was desperate to go chill on the couch, I realized it was getting late, and quickly threw together our dinner (meatloaf and baked potatoes). Luckily, I was able to spend quality time with my couch for the hour that dinner baked in the oven. 🙂

All told, our day was full of eggs, bacon, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, chicken, carrots, and meatloaf, with no grains, dairy, or sugar in sight. And we survived!


The Whole30 Timeline refers to Day 1 as the “So what’s the big deal?” day. I saw glimpses of that yesterday, but all that meal prep was work. I see where our bad habits with convenience foods and eating out originated: I don’t think I have time to eat right. But yesterday, I proved that wrong.

Now that I’m cruising into Day 2, I want to remember the satisfaction I felt yesterday after making good choices all day long. I want to remember how delicious my homemade, dairy-free ranch tasted right out of the jar I’d blended it in. I want to remember all the colors of my foods strewn across my countertop and my plate. I want to remember the guilt I didn’t have when I climbed into bed last night.

Day 2, I’m coming for you.


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