Whole30 – It’s all downhill from here

Well hello, Internet!

Here we are on Day 18 of our Whole30 — several days “over the hump,” midway through our third full week, very nearly out of the teens. If you’re familiar with the Whole30 Timeline, this is what whole food fans refer to as the “Tiger Blood” phase!

I don’t know about Tiger Blood, but I have seen “non-scale” improvements in several areas:

  • The food is good. I haven’t tried a lot of new foods, but I’ve definitely become more comfortable with preparing meals from scratch and using whole foods. We’re still eating too many white potatoes, but I only recently realized that sweet potatoes actually taste sweet on their own (without brown sugar and butter)! I don’t even think that they need cinnamon! And that’s just one example of my “good food” discovery.
  • I have way more self-control than I thought. I’ll talk more about my bad habits below, but saying no is becoming easier (that may be because I know that I’m one step closer to being able to say yes as I progress through my Whole30…shhh).
  • We are saving a ton of cash money! Anyone who is concerned about whole foods causing a spike in their grocery bill should consider how much they will save by not eating out as frequently. We’ve been eating out once, maybe twice per week, whereas we used to eat at least five meals outside of our home each week. In addition, many whole foods purchased in bulk (and in season) are far less expensive than convenience foods.
A colorful, simple, last-minute meal that we tried this week (roasted veggies and chicken)!

There are, of course, some tough aspects, too.

  • My instincts toward junk food are still alive and well. I have become very conscious of some bad habits and toxic attitudes I have toward foods that aren’t so good for me. When coworkers offer me a snack or treat, it’s bizarre how I am wired to just say “Sure!” without even thinking, “Am I hungry? Is this a good choice if I am hungry?” It will take a lot longer than thirty days to break this habit, but I’m thankful that it’s being brought to light now (and I’m learning to arm myself with appropriate snacks if a craving hits).
  • I have had some moments of real boredom with the diet. These seem to occur most frequently on the weekends, when we have a lot of time at home and I feel so unenthused by preparing all three meals in my kitchen. I have tried to fight this by injecting lots of new meals into our meal plans; check out my Made it & Ate It board on Pinterest for meals we’ve tried so far!

I’ll still be posting daily snapshots over on my Instagram Story, so if you like pictures of people’s food (if you’re on Instagram, you clearly at least tolerate such photos), check out my Instagram!

Toward the end of our Whole30 (the last day of which is April 10th), I will post an update on the reasons we embarked on this thing in the first place. Stay tuned!


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