Crafts for Groups of Kids (A Challenge Accepted)

On Wednesday nights throughout the school year, Chris and I are “yellow team” leaders in our church’s Awana program. We hurry home from work, feed our pathetic cats, grab some fast food, and show up to church a few minutes late every Wednesday. We work with a group of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders as they study Scripture, complete activities, and ultimately memorize verses.

With May just around the corner, I’ve started planning for our summertime program that replaces Awana once the kids are out of school: MegaSports. If you know me even remotely, you’ll know sports are significantly beyond my wheelhouse. Fully within my realm of expertise, however: crafts, y’all.

Yes, I lead the less-than-sporty crowd at MegaSports, and we do crafts proudly.

I’ve been leading crafts since 2015. I took up this mantle when I learned that our children’s pastor could never find anyone willing to do it. This blew my mind; who wouldn’t want to bust out the popsicle sticks and glue with some munchkins on a fine Wednesday evening in summer?

Turns out, the hard part isn’t corralling an excitable group of kids around a table strewn with craft supplies. It’s finding crafts that are do-able with groups of kids. Most kids’ crafts that you’ll find on Pinterest are either too complicated for the attention-deficient or too simple to occupy older kids, or they require materials that are expensive or impossible to find in bulk (a must for church activities). It takes time and effort to find crafts that use inexpensive supplies, have simple instructions, and are suitable for a range of ages.

Crafts for groups

This blog post is inspired by my quest for such crafts. I’m writing it selfishly, as an attempt to wrangle all the ideas floating around on my children’s ministry Pinterest board for this year’s MegaSports. (Also, I’m 100% procrastinating some yard work needing to be done. Whoops.)

Wanna see some of my ideas for this year’s crafts? (Click the Read More button below on the right.)

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18 Tried & True Whole30 Recipes for Normal People

Well, family, it’s here: Day 29 of our very first Whole30. And we’ve made it here relatively unscathed! My cravings are mostly under control and, though I haven’t been on the scale, I can tell I have lost some weight. I’m feeling pretty great, y’all!

One of the reasons I embarked on this Whole30 was to gain a new perspective on meal planning. And considering that, in the last 29 days, we’ve tried 23 new recipes or food preparation methods, I believe that one has been achieved!

Building our first meal plan for our first week of our Whole30 was terribly intimidating. I wasn’t yet comfortable ferreting out the non-compliant ingredients I was used to using in recipes, and I was wary of going all-in on any recipes that I might not love. My husband is notoriously picky, so some ambitious ingredients (salmon, zucchini pasta, stuffed peppers) were off the the table this time around. Additionally, we don’t have an especially roomy grocery budget, so we couldn’t rely too heavily on pricey specialty ingredients.

So what the heck have we been eating for the last 29 days?!

I decided to compile a list of our favorite Whole30 recipes we successfully tried this month. These recipes were all simple and made up of ingredients normal people can afford and enjoy! Ready to dive in? 🙂


Quick disclaimer: All of these gorgeous photos are the property of the bloggers linked in each caption. Please visit their blogs for the full recipes!

First up, let’s talk about breakfast! (Click the Read More button below on the right.)

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