About Ashley & the Wayward Sunflower

Welcome to my blog! I created this place because I wanted to share my adventures in children’s ministry and domesticity with you. I named it the Wayward Sunflower for several reasons!

Sunflower, botany drawingFirst, sunflowers, man. They are beautiful, distinct, and well-loved by most everyone! Sunflowers are hardy and tough in various soil types and climates. However, the aspect of sunflowers with which I most closely relate, as a Christian, is that they naturally turn to face the sun as they grow. The Bible speaks of the importance of turning to face God in all aspects of our lives (Acts 3:19). Regardless of my soil type or the climate where I find myself, I know I will do best to turn to God.

Second, I selected “wayward” as the other Rembrandt's The Return of the Prodigal Son, c. 1661–1669half of my blog title to reflect the lifelong struggle of actually pursuing God. I relate deeply to Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-31. I have repeatedly strayed from the Lord and been brought back to His embrace. I am imperfect but made perfect by my savior, Jesus. I was lost and have been found. That has been the refrain of my life.

Now, more about me! I live in Lynchburg, VA with my husband. We both work at Liberty University and I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Theological Studies; I received my bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with the cognates of English and education. I teach a Sunday school class of third graders at my local church and am an Awana leader. I love serving the children’s ministry and seeing elementary and middle school-age kids grow in their understanding of God at such an exciting time in their lives!

Outside of the church, I love being a woman and wife. I crave any opportunity to be creative, which includes cooking, baking, painting, making jewelry and other gifts, and various DIY projects. I am involved in a “secret sister”-style mailing group called the Owl Post and I have two rescue cats named River and Seamus.

I plan to fill this blog, as I mentioned above, with my adventures in children’s ministry and domesticity. Expect to see my craft and lesson ideas for your children’s ministry classroom alongside devotionals and musings from my own life. I’ll also share the DIY and kitchen projects I undertake! You can connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!

Ashley and Chris in London


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